Japanese scriptThe Japanese Program at Trinity College offers rigorous language training for those willing to make the commitment.  The beginning and intermediate levels of instruction are intensive courses, meeting five days a week.  All four aspects of language skills — reading, writing, listening and speaking — are incorporated into course activities enabling students to build competence in vocabulary, patterns, phrases and characters so that you can be fully functional living and studying in Japan.  Non-intensive advanced level instruction is offered to third and fourth year students allowing them to further develop their linguistic skills as well as familiarity with Japanese culture.  The program also offers a Japanese literature course in English, which surveys traditional genres as well as a variety of contemporary topics.

Given the limited sphere of Japanese language use on campus and its surroundings, students in the Japanese program are urged to spend a semester or a year studying in Japan. Trinity exchanges one to two students annually with Rikkyo University in Tokyo, and IES Japan programs are also approved for credit transfer.